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Manifest Soy Candle

Manifest Soy Candle is a calming blend of lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary. One of our top sellers and considered the spa candle of the Indigo Aura collection.

Soy candle from Indigo Aura light on a coffee table tray in a Livingroom

California Soy Candle

Lemon clove, Rosemary, Lavender  

Feels like a crystal shop in an upscale outdoor shopping area. It is citrus, floral, spa-like with subtle hints of spice. An Indigo Aura team favorite.


French Lavender

Feels like the calming break that you have needed for so long. Perfect for the bedroom or a place where you want to wind down.

These are the most amazing candles I’ve ever owned. They smell amazing and are not overpowering . the vessels they are in are absolutely beautiful. They also last a long time. I highly recommend the leather scent. I’m hooked for life.


My home office smells amazing - wonderful product, amazing quality and attention to every detail.


The candles from Indigo Aura are WONDERFUL! I've tried 3 different scents and all have been heavenly and the jars they come in are beautiful. The company is really easy to work with and the candles arrived promptly. I highly recommend Indigo Aura.


Amber Lavender